About Copenhagen Libraries

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Copenhagen Libraries is the largest public library organization in Denmark. It consists of a main library and 19 branch libraries, a mobile library and special services at hospitals, prisons and nursing homes. 

Copenhagen Libaries was founded in the late 19th century.  It has played an important part in the formation and development of modern Copenhagen and its well-educated population.

The public libraries provide free access for the general public to all kinds of media, including books, newspapers/magazines, music, DVDs, audiobooks and online resources. The free and equal access to library services through the public libraries is granted to citizens by legislation, more specifically The Act Regarding Library Services.

Library Strategy 2014-2019

By adopting a new library strategy and focusing on citizen empowerment The City of Copenhagen wants to create libraries and citizen service for the future.
The idea is to create a different and better library and citizen service by the use of technology and the involvement of the citizens of Copenhagen.

The work on the library strategy was finalized in May 2014. Empower the Citizens is a three year implementation plan for the library strategy and also a plan for the integration of citizen services and libraries. The library strategy and Empower the Citizens were approved by the Committee for Culture and Leisure the 21st of August 2014 and Empower the Citizens was passed by the City Council as part of the City budget for 2015.

The library strategy is inspired by the development of the library “from places of knowledge access to places of knowledge creation” developed by R. David Lankes. The specific structure and action areas are inspired by a similar strategy in Columbus Ohio developed by the library director Pat Losinski and his staff.


The Main Management of Copenhagen Libraries

Copenhagen Libraries is part of the Culture and Leisure Department.

Head of Copenhagen Main Library and library development in Copenhagen:
Mail to Jakob Heide Petersen
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Deputy head of Copenhagen Main Library:
Mail to Sanne Caft
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Administration manager:
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