How to renew your loans

You can renew your loans on our website.

Find a list of your loans and reservations
Log on to access your account. Click on Lån (Loans) to view a list of the items that you have borrowed from the libraries.

Renew your loans
Click the small box to the left of the items you want to renew. Click Forny valgte (Renew these). You can renew all items by clicking Forny alle (Renew all). You can only renew your items twice. If you need a longer borrowing period, you will need to return your loans to your library and borrow them anew.

Loans that can't be renewed
If you can't renew a certain item, a yellow text 'Materialet kan ikke fornys' will show on the screen. The most common reasons will be that other users have placed holds on the item or that you have already renewed the item twice.

If you exceed the due date
If you return your loans too late, you will receive a fee. Check the rates.

If you experience problems renewing
If for some reason you're unable to renew your loans, you are welcome to contact the libraries for help:


Spørg biblioteket