How to search

Basic search steps


A modern library database contains physical materials such as books, CDs and DVDs as well as content from databases. This means that you are searching in very large amounts of data. It is therefore necessary to limit the search results.
The two main rules are:

1. Search
2. Refine your search


Write your keyword(s) in the search box. You may want to click on one of the suggestions, the system comes up with, if they match what you're looking for. Click 'Enter' on your keyboard or the search button (SØG) on your screen:


When you have entered a search term, a menu will appear to the left on your screen. Your search results are divided into Materialer (library materials) and Hjemmesiden (website articles) . As a default the search results are based on library materials. If you wish to search the website for articles, you can place a check mark next to Hjemmesiden and repeat your search..

Your search result:
You will be shown all the materials that are a result of your search. Notice that your search result is filtered in a browser on the screen. You can define your search by clicking on specific materials, authors, subjects, languages etc.  You can remove the choices again by clicking on Fjern valgte (Remove chosen. ) You can unfold the 'facets' in the browser by clicking Vis flere (Show more) to obtain more defining options.
You can sort your search results by bedste match (best match), titel (title), forfatter (author) and udgivelsesår (release year).


If you search for a title, that exists as different material types (book, film etc.), you will initially get a search result that is a summery view of the title. You can recognize the summary views by a heading that says 'Flere medier' (Available on multiple media) next to the title. You will be able to see which types of materials you can find if you click on the title. 
When you click on the title, you get an expanded view where you can see an entry for each material type.


At the top of each entry in your search result, you will be able to see if the entry is a book (Bog), a movie (DVD), an audiobook (Lydbog), an article (Artikel) etc.
If the material is available at one of our libraries, it will say Tilgængelig som (Available as) followed by the material type indicated in green. 
If the material is on loan, it will say Kan reserveres som (Can be reserved as) followed by the material type indicated in orange.
When you click further into the informations on a single entry, you will find a reservation button (Reservér) which is green, if the material is available, and orange, if the material is on loan.


You should be aware that even if a material is indicated in green, it may not necessarily be available on the shelf at your local library. You need to click the title to get a list view that shows you  all existing copies. In the list you can see how many copies are avaiblable (HJEMME) on a specific library.

NB! You need to be logged on to make a reservation.

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