Lending rules and rates

Copenhagen Libraries is a municipal institution and ordinary use of the library is free to all. In order that as many users as possible can enjoy the benefits of the library, there are some fixed rules for library usage. As a user, you have a duty to be aware of and comply with the current rules.
Use of the library
  • Everyone can freely use the library’s regular offers and services.
  • The library may require payment for printing and photocopying and other special services requested by the user.
  • The general rules of the library and instructions from library staff must be followed. See our institution rules at bibliotek.kk.dk. Library staff are authorised to eject users if the rules are not observed.

How to become a borrower

  • You can create your loan profile using NemID at bibliotek.kk.dk when you reach 18 years of age. You can also register in person at the library using your health insurance (yellow) card and one other valid form of identification, preferably with a photograph.
  • Users under 18 require the signature of a parent or guardian on our registration form, which should be presented with the child’s health insurance card.

Companies and institutions may check our website bibliotek.kk.dk to view options.

  • As far as possible, library notifications will be sent electronically if you have registered your email address and/or a Danish mobile number.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your email/mobile number is always up to date. Any changes should be entered online at bibliotek.kk.dk.

Special conditions relating to self-service opening hours

  • There is access for all users over 15 using their health insurance card. To gain access, scan your card through the card-reader at the entrance.
  • You must present your health insurance card when requested to by a member of staff. If you cannot present your health insurance card you may be asked to leave.
  • Children under 15 must be accompanied by a person authorised to access the area. This person has responsibility and may not leave the children unattended in the library.
  • It is not permitted to give others access to the library. However, disabled users may be accompanied by a helper/companion.
  • Windows and fire-doors must not be opened.
  • The library must be vacated when closing time is announced by loudspeaker.
  • On public holidays and special occasions, access may be limited or the library may be closed. This will be announced on the website and posted in the library. 

How to borrow from the library

  • To borrow items from the library, you must be registered as a borrower and have a pin-code (self-chosen).
  • Young people and children under 18 can use their health insurance card or obtain a library card.
  • Parents can borrow books/materials for their children using the child’s library card.
  • Health insurance and library cards are personal and may not be used by others.
  • You are responsible for all materials you borrow.
  • If you lose your health insurance or library card you must notify us immediately via Biblioteket Online 3366 3000; we will then close the card. Until the card(s) have been closed you remain responsible for any misuse of materials borrowed.
  • You can download our app, Biblioteket, for your smartphone (iPhone and Android) where you can browse for materials and download the barcode for your library card.

Registering loans

  • All loans must be registered in our library system. You can borrow books by using the automated machines at the library.
  • All loans are recorded with CPR (civil registration) number/library card number. This data will be deleted after the materials have been returned. The library can see who has borrowed materials for up to 4 weeks after the materials have been returned.
  • This register of loans is in compliance with legislation on the protection of personal data.
  • Library materials are secured against theft.

Loan period and returns

  • The usual loan period is 28 days.
  • For materials in great demand, the library may sometimes reduce the loan period and limit the number of items that may be borrowed at one time.
  • The deadline for the return of materials is stated on your loan receipt.

  • The returns receipt is your documentation for having returned the borrowed material.

  • When returning materials, please check that everything has been correctly registered and is recorded on your receipt.
  • The library will send an electronic reminder 3 days before the loan period expires.


  • If the material has not been requested by other users, as a rule, you may renew your loan – at the library, by phoning Biblioteket Online at 3366 3000, via our app, Biblioteket, or at bibliotek.kk.dk.

  • Renewal may not be done earlier than 7 days before the return deadline. You may only renew your loan twice (2 X).
  • For telephone and online (bibliotek.kk.dk) renewals you will not receive a receipt but in this instance registration in the library’s system is sufficient.
  • Renewal may be done at all libraries – not only the library where you borrowed the material.


  • Material out on loan may be reserved at the library, at Biblioteket Online, via our Biblioteket app or at bibliotek.kk.dk. Your reservation will be registered using your CPR or library card number.
  • The library will notify you when the material is ready for collection.
  • You will be notified about your reservation via SMS or email, if you have registered your email address or Danish mobile number in our system.

Remote loans

  • Remote borrowing is done by ordering material from another library outside of Copenhagen Libraries.
  • Renewal of remote loans is possible if the lending library permits it. This is limited, however, to a maximum 2 extra loan periods and if renewal is done in a timely manner.
  • Renewal is subject to certain conditions. The lending (remote) library may choose to recall material if it has been reserved by another user. In this case the loan period is shortened.
  • Remote loan material borrowed from one of Copenhagen Libraries must be returned to one of Copenhagen Libraries. If the material is returned to another library, it will only be registered as returned when Copenhagen Libraries receives confirmation from the lending library, which does not take place automatically.

Late returns

  • If the deadline for returns is missed, a fine must be paid according to current rates, also even though you did not receive a reminder or a recall for borrowed material.
  • The library takes no responsibility for any fines incurred during self-service opening hours, for example, because of failure to access due to a defective card.
  • Fine rates are fixed by the Citizen’s Council (Borgerrepræsentationen) of Copenhagen Municipality.
  • Rates are calculated according to the loan and return dates, irrespective whether one or more items have been borrowed.
  • Materials with the same loan and return dates which are returned or renewed late, though on different dates, will incur a fine each time.
  • Fine rates are stated in the schedule of library rates at bibliotek.kk.dk
  • A statutory debt collection entitlement applies on fines of DKK 100 or more.
  • Unpaid fines may be withheld from salary etc., in accordance with current legislation.


  • If library material is damaged, lost or not returned, it must be replaced in line with the rates set by the library.
  • If the borrowed material is not returned 31 days after expiry of the loan period, it is considered lost and compensation/replacement will be demanded.
  • In addition to this compensation obligation, fines must be paid for failing to return on time plus costs.
  • If one part of a multi-volume work or composite material is lost and can only be regained as a whole entity, the library may demand that the entire work or composite material be replaced.
  • Unpaid compensation payments and/or fines will be handed over to the municipal Finance Administration (Økonomiforvaltningen) for collection. In the absence of a response or payment from debtors the debt will be transferred to SKAT. Any consequent costs will be borne by the borrower/debtor.
  • The prices for replacement and other library recall costs are stated in the schedule of library rates at bibliotek.kk.dk
  • If you later find material that you have replaced, you have the opportunity to recover the compensation sum within ½ year on presentation of your receipt. The material must be undamaged.

Exclusion of borrowers

  • Borrowers who repeatedly fail to return borrowed material or who return borrowed material in a damaged state, may be excluded from borrowing from the library. This exclusion may be maintained until the material(s) are returned or replaced.
  • Borrowers who owe the library DKK 200 or more may be excluded from borrowing until the entire debt is repaid
  • Exclusion of borrowers is done with 7 days’ notice in writing.
  • The library assumes no liability if borrowed materials damage a borrower’s replaying equipment.
  • Processing personal data
  • To protect your personal data, the library may not inform any unauthorised party which loans, fines, reservations etc. have been registered in your name.
  • Closing

Days when the library is closed are listed at biblioteket.kk.dk

These rules for borrowing have been adopted by the Culture and Leisure Committee, most recently, see decision of March 30, 2006. Administrative updates will come into force on April 10, 2018.


If the loan period is exceeded, the following rates apply:

Late returns

Adults 18 years -

Children 0-17 years

1 – 7 days

DKK 20

DKK 10

8 – 30 days

DKK 120

DKK 55

Over 30 days

DKK 230

DKK 120

  • These rates apply both to materials with a regular loan period of 28 days and to materials with a shorter loan period.
  • The library will send a recall notice 10 days after the deadline to borrowers who have registered for our SMS or email service.
  • 31 days after the loan period expires, the materials are considered lost and the library will therefore send a bill.
  • In addition to this compensation amount, fines must be paid for failing to return on time.


  • Damaged or lost materials must be compensated for with the costs of repair or replacement.
  • Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CD-ROMs etc. are licensed for lending purposes, therefore in addition to the cost of replacement, any costs to cover licensing rights must also be paid.
  • In addition to the compensation amount, DKK 90 must also be paid per item of material to cover preparation.
  • If the actual replacement price is not available, the following standard prices apply:
  • Standard prices for replacement


DKK 255

Comic book

DKK 85


DKK 85

Composite materials (book with CD, language courses without video/CD-ROM/DVD)


DKK 560

Audiobooks per CD or mp3

DKK 210

Console games, PC games and CD-ROMs

DKK 665

Music CDs

DKK 180


DKK 460

Other materials

DKK 255

Special rules apply to materials borrowed from other libraries outside Copenhagen Municipality.

Other rates

Prices for telefaxes, photocopying, printing etc. can be found at bibliotek.kk.dk

Payment collection via Økonomiforvaltningen

Costs are comprised of interest plus a fine of DKK 250 per reminder.

If the case is sent to SKAT for enforcement, additional costs will be added in line with current rules.

Appeals and complaints

If you are dissatisfied with library service, you may complain in writing directly to the library.

The library’s response or decision may be appealed in writing to:

Kultur- og Fritidsforvaltningen
Biblioteksudvikling & Hovedbibliotek
Krystalgade 15
1172 Copenhagen C
Email: bibliotek@kff.kk.dk

If you wish to send your query by secure email using NemID, you will find a link to the address at bibliotek.kk.dk/feedback.

You can find more information and service announcements at Copenhagen Libraries’ website:


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