New library user

How to become a registered user of Copenhagen Libraries and how to get a PIN.

​Become a library user using NemID:

All adult citizens of Copenhagen can register as users in Copenhagen Libraries and gain access to all materials and digital services. All it requires is, that you have a NemID. Once you are registered, you can log on to the website using your social security number and a PIN of your own choice.​​​ Register here

Borrowers under the age of 18 require a signature from a parent or a guardian:

Children and young people under the age of 18 still cannot register as library users. The current solution offers young people down to 15 years of age the opportunity to register as patrons if they have NemID. Subsequently the registration must be processed manually, as the registration, by applicable law, requires the signature of a parent or guardian registration form.  

You can also choose to:

Register as a library user at your local library and present your health card ("sundhedskort") and one additional piece of identification, preferably a photo-ID.

When you join the library you will have to choose a PIN. Checkout of library materials requires a health card and a self-selected PIN code. You borrow and return the library materials in the self-service machines.

Military personnel and visitors to Denmark may present a passport, a driver's license, diplomatic identification papers, military ID, or a white card in order to obtain a library card.

For companies and institutions special rules apply. Contact the library online for more information:

Tel: 3366 3000


Deleted from the library register

If you haven't  borrowed any library materials during a period of three years, you will automatically be deleted from the library register. If you want to use the library's services again, you will need to make a new registration. 

Library rules and regulations 

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