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Overdue Fees (DKK):

Days past due date


Borrowers 18+ years of age


Borrowers under 18 years of age


1-7 days


DKK 20


DKK 10


8-30 days


DKK 120


DKK 55


Over 30 days


DKK 230


DKK 120


The fees apply rtegardless of the loan period.
An overdue notice is sent to the borrower 10 days past the due date.
Materials not returned 31 days past the due date are considered lost.
The Library issues an invoice to the borrower, who must pay a replacement fee, as well as the overdue fee.
If materials are still outstanding 41 days past the due date, a reminder is sent.

Replacement Fees
When items are not returned or are returned in a damaged condition, borrowers must pay a replacement fee corresponding to the cost of repair or purchase.
The Library pays a special license fee to secure the right of lending certain materials such as videos, DVDs, CDs etc. The Library’s replacement cost for such items is therefore considerably higher than it would be for individual users purchasing a new copy for personal use.
Over and above the replacement costs shown below, the borrower must pay DKK 90 to cover processing expenses.
In the event that a new copy of the lost or damaged item is unavailable, the borrower is charged as follows:

Replacement Fee (DKK)



DKK 255

Comic book

DKK 85

Periodical issue

DKK 85

Playstation, CD, DVD

DKK 665

Bound volume of several periodical issues

DKK 750

Sets not including CDs or DVDs

DKK 560

Sets including CDs or DVDs

DKK 2.050

Audiobooks, per tape or CD

DKK 210

Music – CD

DKK 180


DKK 460


DKK 255

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