Use the library

Copenhagen Libraries are a public service, free of charge for borrowers.
  • The borrowing of library materials is free of charge. The use of electronic materials is reserved for citizens of Copenhagen only.
  • The libraries' general services are free. Fees are charged for printouts, photocopies, and certain services requested by library users.
  • Library users must observe the libraries' rules of conduct and any direction given by the staff. Staff members may evict anyone, who does not observe the rules of conduct.
  • Messages from the library are sent electronically to library users, who have provided an e-mail and/or a mobile phone number.
  •  It is the library user’s own responsibility to ensure, that the email address and/or mobile phone number is correct at all times. Changes must be entered on our website: or by personal appearance at the library operated hours.
  • If you are under 15 years old you need to fill out this form and get your parents signature. Your parents must know the lending rules.
Spørg biblioteket