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Follow these instructions if you wish to make a new PIN.

Follow these steps to change your PIN:

It is not possible to change your PIN online at the moment due to a technical issue on the website. If you wish to get a new PIN please visit the library in the staffed opening hours and remember to bring identification.

Opening hours

  1. Sign In

    Select "Log ind" in the top right corner:

  2. Go to Your Account

    When you have signed in to the website go to your account by selecting "Min konto":

  3. Change Your PIN

    To access your account settings select "Brugerprofil":

    Here you'll find all your account details. 

    Select "Her kan du ændre din pinkode" to make a new PIN. Type in your new PIN and confirm it by retyping it in in "Bekræft pinkode".

  4. Complete and Save

    Select "Gem" to save the changes: