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Remove Loan Holds

We encourage you to remove your loan holds if you no longer wish to borrow them. That way we are able to shorten the waiting list for patrons who are next in line.

Follow these steps to remove loan holds:

  1. Sign In

    Select "Log ind" to sign in to the website:

    Fill in your login credentials and select "Log ind":

  2. Go to Your Account

    Go to your account by selecting "Min konto":

  3. Find Your Loan Holds

    Go to your loan holds by selecting "Reserveringer" in the menu:

  4. Remove Loan Holds

    To remove one or more holds simply tick the boxes of the holds you wish to remove and select "Slet valgte reserveringer": 

    Confirm removal by selecting "Ja" or if you wish to cancel, simply select "Annuller":

    When your removal has been completed you will see this notification at the top of your screen: