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Renew Loans Online

Instructions on how to renew online.
  1. Sign In

    Select "Log ind":

    Now that you are signed in you can access your patron status:

  2. Your Loans

    Select "Lån" to see an overview of your loans. Featured at the top are potential loans that may have exceeded the return date. After that you will find all your other loans.

  3. Select Loan to Renew

    Tick the box by the title or titles to renew:

  4. Renew

    To renew single loans select "Forny valgte":

    To renew all loans select "Forny alle":

    A loan can be renewed a maximum of 2 times. If there are no loan holds and you need another loan period, you can return the loan to the library and checkout the loan again.

    You can also use our library app "Biblioteket" to renew your loans on the go.