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Pay online: Fees and fines

You can pay your library fees and fines online at our website.

The library issues a fine to patrons who:

  • Return loans past their return date.
  • Renew loans past their return date.
  • Have been charged with a replacement fee due to lost materials.
  1. Sign in to the website

    Click on "Log ind":


  2. Go to your account

    Click on "Min konto" to access your account:

  3. Payment Method

    In "Min konto" you will find an overview of your library fees and fines. If you wish to pay online simply click "Ubetalte gebyrer" for unpaid fines:

    This takes you to an overview where you can see the details of your fees and fines. You will also see options for methods of payment: 

  4. Complete payment

    To complete the payment please select one of the following:

    • Pay for selected fee or fine = "Betal valgte"
    • Pay all fees and fines = "Betal alle"