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How to search

Here you will find the basic search steps that you can use when searching the library database on our website.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Search

    Go to the search bar by clicking the button to the top right of the screen:

    Type your search - if you wish to do a wide search choose "Søg i alle" in the drop down menu:

    Start your search by clicking "Søg" on the screen:

  2. Refine your search

    Once you start your search you will now see a menu where the results are divided into "Materialer" and "Hjemmesiden":

    Below that you will see a menu with the result of your search. It gives you the possibility to refine your search by different categories. Some of these unfold and provides you with further suggestions:

    Your search result will change automatically when you check the boxes in the menu. You have the option to add or remove checks to your search and the result will adjust automatically.
    This means that it is not necessary to hit enter on your keyboard or hit search when you check boxes to refine your search.

    You also have the option to sort your result by "Bedste match" and "Udgivelsesår". You will find the sorting option at the top of your search result:

  3. Choose your desired media

    If you do a search for a specific title which has been published as various media types this will be indicated by "Flere medier" above the title. In the section "Lånemuligheder" you can choose the media that you wish to see:

  4. Find out where the material is available

    All titles in your search may not be available at your library but instead it may be available at one of our other libraries in Copenhagen.

    By clicking the title you will be shown an overview of available locations:

    If you wish to see the exact location of the title in the library simply click on "Vis på kort":

  5. Tips and tricks

    Search tags will always be shown in indefinite plural form. If you do a search and type "pattern breaker" your search will contain: pattern breakers, the pattern breaker and the pattern breakers. 

    Pattern breakers being the most comprehensive of the terms.

    Year is to be typed in intervals of 10 or 100 years, for example 1940-1949 and 1700-1799.

    If you wish to do a search about a specialised subject this is done by typing an overall search term. 

    Titles about a specific person requires that you refine your search to "Emne".

    You can search the library decimal system in the search bar. For example: 30.172 instead of 'women'. The complete overview of the decimal system can be found here: DK5 numre.

    Countries are listed under geography, social studies, politics, economics and history. Look up a specific country in the decimal system and do a search with its decimal classification.