Code of Conduct - Copenhagen Libraries

Welcome to the library. The libraries are cultural learning centres and are to be used as such. The libraries use video surveillance. Requests from the staff as well as our code of conduct presented below must be followed.
  • Your library visit must not cause inconvenience to others. Please, show
          consideration in the library and tidy up after yourself.
  • You are held accountable for your actions in the library
  • Smoking, sleeping, consummation of alcohol and being under the
          influence of alcohol or other drugs are not permitted on the premises.
  • Pets are not permitted in the libraries.
  • PCs dedicated to library searching must only be used for searching in
          library databases.
  • PCs dedicated to internet searching and Wi-Fi must be used in
          accordance with the overall purpose of the library: information, 
          education and cultural activities. Searching for illegal content,
          exposure of pornographic content or strongly violent images is not
  • Our staff has the authority to dismiss and/or quarantine a patron, who
          uses threatening behaviour, physical harassment or coarse language.
          The same goes for situations where the code of conduct is not
  • If necessary, the police will be sent for to secure order, protect people
          and ensure public safety.
  • Wanton destruction of property and theft will always be notified to the
          police and will lead to compensation claims.

Opening hours with self-service: special comments

  • Admittance for all persons over 15 years of age carrying a (yellow)
          health insurance card. Please, scan your card in the card reader at
          the entrance before entering.
  • When requested, please show your (yellow) health insurance card to
          the staff. Failure to do so may result in expulsion.
  • Children and young persons under 15 years of age must be
          accompanied by a person, who has admittance. This person is
          accountable for the children and must not leave the children alone
          in the library.
  • You are not permitted to let others into the library. However, disabled
          persons are allowed to bring companions.
  • Windows and fire exits must not be opened.
  • When the closing announcement sounds, patrons must leave the
  • On holidays and on special occasions admittance may be limited or
          the library may be closed. Please, check our homepage and our

Head of Library