Experimental architecture combining a library and a community centre. BIBLIOTEKET is worth a visit.

BIBLIOTEKET: A unique building in north-west Copenhagen

BIBLIOTEKET is located on Rentemestervej in the north-western part of Copenhagen. The building is a new architectural landmark, shaped like a pile of books and designed as an integrated house, containing a library, a concert hall, conference facilities and a local radio station.

BIBLIOTEKET houses library sections for children, young people and adults on three floors, as well as workshops for sewing, graphics and other activities. The building is well equipped with computers and has wireless internet on all floors.

BIBLIOTEKET arranges concerts, literature readings, children’s theatre and other cultural events,. The large hall is fitted with professional sound equipment. On the top floor a local radio station, Bispebjerg Lokal TV & Radio, produces and broadcasts daily programmes.

Other services:

  • Citizen Service
    The service includes passport renewals and issue of health insurance cards.


BIBLIOTEKET på Rentemestervej
Rentemestervej 76
2400 København NV

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