E-books and online resources

Copenhagen Libraries offers a wide variety of electronic resources and databases available at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

Access to databases at the library
You may use our on-site computers or your own laptop (via the wireless network) to access a wide range of databases free of charge. You can read newspapers and articles, consult dictionaries in many languages, and browse through many different topics of interest.

Home access to databases
Using your home computer or laptop you have access to a number of licensed databases free of charge. Remote access is available to registered Copenhagen borrowers (Requires home adress in the county of Copenhagen) with a Personal Identification Number (PIN code). 

Borrow and read e-books from home at your leisure. Copenhagen Libraries offers electronic books in a number of ways and a selection of our online resources are shown below:

E-Book Central (Formerly known as Ebrary)
Online access to more than 70,000 books in areas such as economics, the humanities, natural science, history and social science.
Language: English. Remote access.

Press Reader
Press Reader offers online access to about 3000 international newspapers from 100 different countries in 60 languages. As a licensed user of Copenhagen Libraries, you have access to newspapers from around the world before the printed copy is available in the country of origin. Remote access.
Gyldendals Dictionaries
Online dictionaries in several languages. Remote access.
RB digital
Contains wide variety of magazines from The Economist to National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, Country Living og Rolling Stone. Remote access.














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