HOME MADE - A Documentary on the Maker Movement in Denmark

HOME MADE is the first documentary on the maker movement in Denmark. The documentary was created through an open call initiated by Copenhagen Libraries, Køge Libraries and Made Festival.


A group of 6 young film enthusiasts were chosen to create the documentary during the week of Made Festival in August 2014. With support from professional cinematographer Klaus Elmer, they documented and investigated the maker culture while filming it.


HOME MADE premiered at CPH:DOX in November 2014.

Do you want to screen HOME MADE? 

HOME MADE is an open source film that you are welcome to share at your public event. We are eager to learn where the film travels to, so please contact us at webmastermail@kff.kk.dk, tell us more about your event and we will send you a link to the high-resolution film.

The film is primarily in Danish with English subtitles. 

Presented by

Copenhagen Libraries
Køge Libraries
Made Festival

Supported by

The Danish Agency for Culture

Director & edit
Klaus Elmer


Allan Enevoldsen
Pil Christoffersen
Pauline Drasbæk
Kasper Riising
Nil Schleimann
Kimmy Gadegaard Nielsen

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