Øbro Jagtvej Library

Welcome to Øbro Jagtvej Library. We are a busy library, located on four floors of a building on the corner of Østerbrogade and Jagtvej. Several bus routes stop just outside the library building.

Our library services include:

  • A children's section with computer games (including Nintendo Wii and X-box 360) and a play area.

  • A music room containing a computer installed with the music program Reson and a keyboard.

  • A film and Internet room with a colour printer.
  • Copy & print facilities.
  • Book a PC.
  • KVIK Citizen Service : the services include passport renewal and issue of health insurance cards.
  • Reading groups.


Øbro Jagtvej Bibliotek
Jagtvej 227
2100 København Ø

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