Nørrebro Library

Nørrebro Library is an open-plan library. We have beautiful paintings on the walls by the danish artist Eske Kath.

Nørrebro Library offers a selection of books in english for both children and adults. We have a small selection of books for adults in french, italian, spanish and german in-house. We have a few magazines in english.
We offer free WiFi, and you can spend time in the library for leisure or work.
Our staff is friendly and able to help you find answers to questions you may have concerning your stay in Copenhagen.

You are welcome to buy alcoholfree beverage in café: "Send flere krydderier" and bring into the libray.

You are not allowed to eat food in the library.

You can use our computers if you are registered as a library patron. It requires a danish social security card (the yellow card) to become a member. You can use our library services for free, without membership

Our library services include:



Nørrebro Bibliotek
Nørrebrogade 208
2200 København N

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