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Pause Your Loan Holds

How to put your holds on pause and keep your place on the waiting list if you are out of town.

General information:

Please note that if your loan hold is on its way to your pickup library before you set the pause, it will not be included in the requested pause period. To avoid this you can set your period of absence to start 7 days prior.

For example if you are absent from July 9 then set your pause to start July 2.

If a loan hold is ready for pickup during your period of absence, you have to place a hold on the loan again. 

Follow these steps to put your holds on pause:

  1. Sign In

    Sign in to by selecting "Log ind":

    Go to your account by selecting "Min konto":

  2. Loan Holds

    Go to your hold requests by selecting "Brugerprofil":

    To put your holds on pause go to "Sæt reserveringer på pause":

  3. Select Period of Absence

    To set a pause on your holds, select your period of absence and complete by selecting "Gem" at the bottom of the screen to save your changes:

Interlibrary Loan Holds:

Interlibrary holds can not be put on pause and in this case you may have to place new hold after your period of absence has ended.